Grant W Lofthouse

  After 44 years in the television industry I have officially retired as of August 31, 2020 . I worked on both the technical side as well as creative, representing a variety of manufacturers and distributors of digital video production and post production equipment. When I decided to become a freelance demonstration artist and product trainer in 1996 I also created Lofthouse Media, turning a hobby into a side business to fill in those down times that every freelancer out there is familiar with.

  Even in retirement, I intend to continue shooting and editing video but on a much more personal level now. As always, I will continue to offer my services to family, friends and colleagues who may have a need for them in the future.

A Collection of Some of My Personal Projects

The Full Collection of my public domain videos for family, friends, clients and "Just For The Fun of It"
There you will also find a link to the YouTube playlist that contains all of my road show videos.
Training Class, Video Shoot and Promo Photos
A collection taken during my travels as a product demonstration artist and trainer as well as on the occasional video shoot. 

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